BAYAN PNW Mobilizes for Immigration Reform

Seattle May 1st March for Workers and Immigrant Rights 2013
Communities around the nation mobilize to call on President Obama and Congress to finally create and pass legislation that:

  • Encompasses fair pathways to citizenship for over 11 million undocumented immigrants
  • Reunites the nearly 4.3 million family members that are waiting in family visa backlogs
  • Ends the criminalization of immigrants through state anti-immigration laws and government programs like Secure Communities
  • And establishes just and humane labor protections and workers rights for all immigrant workers who are some of the most exploited workers in the U.S.

In the Philippines, 4,500 people leave every day to find employment abroad as unfair trade agreements and economic policies perpetuate a backwards, agrarian, pre-industrial economy that serve to benefit U.S. imperialism and the local ruling classes (1%). In an ever worsening global economic crisis, the exploitation of our people in our homeland and more than 9.5 million Filipinos overseas intensifies. And in the U.S., a broken immigration policy works in conjunction with the Philippine government’s Labor Export Policy (LEP) to further oppress im/migrant Filipinos and their families. Our struggle for National Democracy in the Philippines is thus linked to the struggle for genuine immigration reform in the U.S.

Join BAYAN PNW as we mobilize to call for comprehensive immigration reform:

Wednesday May 1 

May 1st March for International Workers Day
Gather at 2:30PM, March at 3:00PM
API & Youth Contingent meeting at 20th and Jackson (the old Hidmo)
Contact Jill Mangaliman for more information:

Gather at 2:00 PM, Rally at 3:00 PM, March at 4:00 PM
O’Bryant Square – 9th and Stark.
Contact Justin Katigbak for more information:

Saturday and Sunday, May 4-5

The 1st March for Dignity
Caravan and Farmworkers visit: May 4 (leaves Seattle at 9am)
March- May 5, 10 am 5974 Guide Meridian, Bellingham, WA 98225
Contact  Jill Mangaliman: to join the Seattle solidarity caravan

C2C_March for Dignity

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